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Nov. 2nd, 2015


Happy Birthday, my love.
You can party all you want,but please don't bite and kick a woman out from the cab.
Party hard,birthday boy.
This is your day.
亮ちゃん 誕生日の カウントダウンはじまった!
"カメラ 目線をキメながら"

Sep. 19th, 2014

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Nov. 3rd, 2013


Today is Nishikido Ryo's birthday <3
Happy 29th future husband!

May. 1st, 2013

"You know my name is "K." "

My heart is full of love for you.
I'm thankful because I met you.
You will forever be the man of my dreams.
And yes,I know your name is "K."
Happy Birthday,Dear Kei-chan! <3<3<3
p.s. to Shige,Massu and Tegoshi----please stop bullying your riida! Hahahaha!


Apr. 27th, 2013

NEWS in my bed..(no,just kiddin.) It's NEWS Utsukushii Koi Suru Yo DVD Unboxing!!!

I bought the Regular Edition in Tower Records Shibuya last February,but I'm also gonna get the limited edition coz I was not satisfied with the behind-the-scenes in regular edition....
I should have done this ages ago but...Well,here we go!

Utsukoi 1

Utsukoi 2

Utsukoi 3

Utsukoi 4

Utsukoi 5

Utsukoi 6

Utsukoi 7

Utsukoi 8

Utsukoi 9

Utsukoi 10

Utsukoi 11

A Trip to the Magical World of Johnny's Shop in Harajuku! :) Day 2 in Japan.

Johnny&apos;s 1

Johnny&apos;s 2

Johnny&apos;s 3

Johnny&apos;s 4

February 12,2013.
It was 11 am,so I decided to take a stroll to Harajuku and Omotesando!!!
It was soooo freakin' cold,but nothing could stop me on going to Johnny's Shop in Harajuku.I walked from the house,all the way to Yoyogi Station...
The next stop from Yoyogi eki is Harajuku eki.And for all Johnny's fans out there,you can cross the pedestrian lane and just walk for a few minutes until you reach a building which has the name of "PLAYHOUSE." You can also use another landmark aside from Playhouse.
If you can see a certain Takoyaki stand,then you're on the right track.
And,if you're going to take a taxi,you can use another landmark.You can tell the driver to go to Takeshita Dori.Or,you can tell them to drive you to Harajuku eki mae. Don't forget the word "mae," to be more specific. (it means "front." So when you say Harajuku eki mae,it means "At the front of Harajuku station.")
Between these two landmarks,(a takoyaki stand and Playhouse building.) there is a freakin' small alleyway.(For first timers,you wouldn't believe that it's the way to Johnny's Shop.)

I'm not quite sure that this post would be helpful to fellow Johnny's fangirls,but if there is anything that I could do to help you more,then I'll do my best...Comments and suggestions are welcome! :) )
Alright,my post on my adventure in Johnny's Shop would come later.The title of that post would be; "A Simple Guide to Johnny's Official Photos." I know I already made a similar post about it last 2010,but this year it's going to be different because there were big changes in the Johnny's Shop...So please look forward to it!
After I bought some NEWS and Nishikido Ryo photos,I started to do some sightseeing in Takeshita Dori and Omotesando Hills...Good thing there were only few people that day,so I enjoyed my stroll to the fullest.
Okay,after taking that loooong walk,I realized that I still have a lot of time to burn.So I just continued walking,without any destination in mind...
And guess what?I think it was my lucky day because I saw the sign of AOYAMA GAKUIN!Yes,it was the bengoshi-sama-slash-sensei-slash-photographer also known as Shigeaki Kato's alma mater.He had his law degree there!!!
I'm gonna tell you MOOOOAAAAARRRRR about it on my next post!
See you guys,later!

Mar. 11th, 2013

Happy Birthday,Dear Mary!---slash---My Day One in Tokyo,Japan...

February 10,2012.
So...We started the morning with some shumai,sausages,rice and ebi soup for breakfast.We were watching some morning show,and guess who popped up on our T.V. screen?It's Mary's future husband/Future Fiancee'/Future Boyfriend,Ikuta Toma!!!(Sorry for the long introductions,Mary!hahahaha!)
So I instantly remembered you,and I decided to take some shot of him!He was promoting his movie at that show...

Japan Trip 1

Japan Trip 2

And I just found out that Nakamaru Yuichi of Kattun,(which is a good friend of future bb in NEWS,Masuda Takahisa! :) ) is one of the co-hosts!
I watched his segment on that show wherein he has to do some ceramic art,and boy,he was really good!And there's this challenge wherein he has to make a blooming rose out of clay...Nakamaru-kun thought that his other comrades who's also carving roses are strangely quiet,(which are women,by the way...) so he decided to do some beatboxing...And the women were obviously amazed by him.
After eating,we went out for a stroll.First we went to a park,and then we headed to a certain tempura restaurant for lunch! It was really yummy.
We decided to roam around Omotesando,then Harajuku.We were walking at Omotesando,and I was silently wishing that I could see Massu,because there were rumors that he usually shops there for clothes!
And,I am going to tell you a funny story...
We saw a big promotion truck,and it was Yamapi releasing a new single!

To continue with my funny story,I excitedly grabbed my camera and took some pics of that CM truck.
And that's where I finally realized,as I looked closely at the picture,it was totally a different person!It was not Yamapi!Me and my sister were laughing our heads off while looking at the picture...
But if you look at the pic,you would really think that it was Yamapi!

Japan Trip 3

We continued on our stroll,and then we took some pictures of Takeshita Dori Arc...

Japan Trip 4

Japan Trip 5

Japan Trip 8
What?!NO "I LOVE NEWS?!"

It was getting dark and it was getting colder,so we decided to go home and call it a day...We dropped by 7-11 konbini,and guess who greeted us by the entrance?

Japan Trip 7
It was Toma-kun again! :)
Well,it was a promotion poster for his new movie...
After dinner,we watched ITTEQ,but too bad,there was no challenge for Tegoshi...It was only Becky who went to Singapore for a sand art challenge,while the other three women went to Russia...
But I had a good time staring at Tegoshi's cute face!
That's it for now!
And again,Happy Birthday,Mary!Hope you enjoy your very special day!

Stand Tall than ever before...Nippon.


March 11,2011.
I will never forget this day.
I was in deep sleep since I have my work shift on evening...I just heard anxious knocks at the door of my room.Half-asleep and half-awake,I opened the door and there was my Dad,wearing a pale face...He was holding his cellphone at that time.
"Japan just had a 8.9 magnitude earthquake...And your sister is not answering my calls!" Dad was looking really worried.
I was so shocked that I finally woke up.Dad and I hurriedly went to the living room and watched the news.Sure enough,all of the TV stations,from BBC and CNN were reporting the aftermath of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan...
And there was the tsunami.
I saw a yacht and the cars beiing washed away by the strong waves of water...Houses are all destroyed.Fires also started to spark and burn the cities...
At that time,my Mum,sister,her husband and their one-year-old son (at that time.) are all living in Tokyo...
We watched all of the latest news regarding the said earthquake and tsunami for 24 hours.We kept on calling my sister and my Mum's phones,but we cannot reach them...
The next day,we tried calling them again.
And thank God,we finally received a message on my cellphone.My sister said; "We are all okay here.We are now staying inside the car since there are aftershocks,and we cannot go back home yet.You don't have to worry about us,and I'll send you another message once the communication lines are back."
It was a message that made us cry.Though it was a short message,we're glad that my family is alright...
Few days have passed,Dad and I spent almost all of our time infront of the TV screen...
My heart was like ripped open when I saw the devastating effect of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan...I can see those childreb covered in dried mud crying for their parents inside the evacuation center...
And the adults looked so tired and sad...
The parents were all crying non-stop while thinking about their children...They kept on asking themselves---"What will become of their children?Do they still have a future?"
And the others were crying because they've lost their family members...
It really breaks my heart as I remember those scenes..
Now,it's been 2 years since the disaster...
But I can still feel the pain,the sorrow and sadness...
And we will still continue to pray for you,Japan.

Feb. 6th, 2013

One of my precious collections: NEWS Live!Live!Live! 2010 Phamplet! Part 3! <3










One of my precious collections: NEWS Live!Live!Live! 2010 Phamplet! Part 2 <3
















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